Bayon Digital Archival Project

Bayon Digital Archival ProjectWe started the Bayon Digital Archive Project in February 2003 in cooperation with the Japanese Government Team for Safeguarding Angkor (JSA). The Bayon temple is located in the center of Angkor Thom in Cambodia and is a part of UNESCO World Heritage. The temple is a very large (160m×140m×45m) and complex structure. It has also fine carvings, such as faces, pediments and relief.

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Virtual Asukakyo Project

Virtual Asukakyo ProjectVirtual Asukakyo project intends to restore the ancient capital of Asukakyo to its original state using Mixed Reality (MR). We reconstructed the lost buildings of Asukakyo with CG and synthesized them with the real landscape of Asuka Village. To improve the quality of the synthesized image, we worked on the problem of the photometric consistency in MR using a fast shading and shadowing method based on shadowing plane and pre-rendered basis images.

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Great Buddha Project

Great Buddha ProjectWe presents an overview of our efforts in modeling the Great Buddha of Kamakura through observation. To digitizing a large object such as the Great Buddha, we have developed a simultaneous registration, parallel volumetric merging algorithms, and a new camera-sensor alignment algorithm.

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